About Us


Just like any good project it all starts off with proper layout to ensure a precise project completion.

Build It

After proper layout is done we build it to the exact specs of the client aka you.

Pour Day

This is the big day, Pour Day! Today is the day we turn over the finished product.

About Us

Jesus Ruiz Contractor

Although JAAX Construction Inc is relatively new the experience I have obtained over the last 14 years in the concrete industry have helped me immensely to obtain my contractors license in the same field. JAAX is not just a random name pulled out of thin air, it is a reminder of why I do what I do. J in JAAX is an accronim for my kids Jesus Jr, Alissa, Analeah, and Ximena.

We specialize in anything concrete no project is too small or too big. We do it all whether it is a new pool, slab addition, retaining wall etc. We have already done countless jobs in the SLO county area and can provide reference if need be. If you are on this website you have probably seen the work and I can provide you with a non Committal Estimate.